"Keshini has always been extremely well-informed on a range of foreign and Russian affairs. She is an excellent communicator and a stimulating and engaging interlocutor. I have great respect for her professional integrity and abilities...."

Keshini Navaratnam

Alexandrite was founded by the former BBC World television news anchor, Ms Keshini Navaratnam, and she leads the team of consultants that make up Alexandrite.

Keshini Navaratnam is a familiar face to many people around the globe as a senior current affairs broadcaster, news editor and foreign affairs adviser at BBC World Service Radio. She has covered the major news events of the past few years and conflicts ranging from the Gulf War to Chechnya, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and Iraq, natural disasters including the tsunami, and terrorist attacks including the Bali bombings, 9/11 and 7/7.

She has also moderated, spoken and advised at a range of top international conference discussions for the UN, Commonwealth, EU and various global industries ranging from diamonds, oil and gas to international travel and tourism, with organisations such as the Pacific Asia Travel Association. An experienced participant on the global and UK stage Keshini has worked with governments and international organisations, and British government departments including the FCO and MOD, and is in close contact with many global diplomats, international statesmen, politicians and senior military officers. She is also the chair of the panel of judges for the Commonwealth Vision Awards, the annual film awards for the 54 countries of the Commonwealth.

In her role as CEO of Alexandrite she has personally advised and interacted with a number of top international politicians, ambassadors and international organisations, and senior military figures and has close high-level links to the UN, Commonwealth and European Union and range of British institutions.

Keshini was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka and has extensive expertise in international affairs and a range of key global issues. She has many insights into the international world and first hand knowledge of a number of regions including the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe the Middle East and the Asia Pacific. She has interviewed numerous statesmen, top international politicians, business leaders, writers, sporting figures. As an established face on the international stage, she has close contacts with a number of prominent international personalities, including Mikhail Gorbachev, British and foreign governmental figures and numerous senior diplomats across the globe including in the UN and EU.

Keshini has a masters degree in Modern and Medieval Languages (Russian, Czech and Slovak) from Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge University, where she was a Scholar and award winner of the John Frederick Stopp prize for Modern Languages. She began her media and foreign affairs career as a journalist and producer on BBC World Service Radio’s flagship news programmes, covering such landmark events as the fall of the Berlin Wall, the release of Nelson Mandela, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the first Gulf war.

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